About rough edges and caterpillars

Somehow everything feels new in the moment. As if the old shoes became too tiny and it feels a bit weird. It always starts inside, there are doubts and still the certainty that the new is about to come despite of what it is going to look like.

I read about butterflies recently and about this interim period in which they are no caterpillars anymore but not yet out of their cocoon. Somehow that has calmed me down.

In the four years of IKA BABEL I got to know that feeling pretty well.

Something has always felt too narrow, something was missing and I couldn`t really tell.

How do you do that, to combine what you love most with what you are longing for?

To connect the joy of creating things with my hands with my desire to create awareness for sustainability?

When I started almost ten years ago with my first label, everybody advised against the decision to work sustainable.  Pardon, Miss Kaschuba, but eco fashion, who is going to spent money on this?

Fashion or jewelry design has not been my all long career, it delevoped step by step and sometimes I still wonder where life has led me.

There was a store, there were fashion fairs and cooperations with GUHL and Hessnatur and wonderful retailers, where IKA BABEL was sold.

And there was this narrow feeling inside my chest.

You should do more facebook, have you signed in yet, you are producing that by yourself, why not outsourcing everything?

What do you mean, you have no twitter, you don`t live in Berlin, but no really, this event you really have to join!

AHH. Here I was, self-employed but not yet autonomous. And there was not much left of what I actually had started with. And so here we are now:

It`s about creating an alternative when it comes to buying sustainable and fair jewelry and accessories. It`s about having rough edges and not hiding them. It`s about questioning things and doing them differently when it feels right.

This is why there is this new website, the COSMOS and the new shop. This is why there will be more unique pieces, smaller editions and everything else that feels good and gives joy!

Because in the end it is about finding again that superpowers that everyone owns who listens to the heart. And then just goes from there. So thank you for joining me, I am looking forward to this ride!