This is the first of an ongoing series about souls I love.

The first woman is Sabrina Glimm, the creative heart of the legendary vintage Shop Shemonster Vintage. She is secretely called Anna Wintour, which you`ll understand once you see her, but  I love to call her Anna Summour, because there is nothing cold about this warmhearted woman. If I had to choose one thing to take to a lonely island it would probably be her (and my dog) and I am quite sure we would still talk for 20 hours straight every day.

Sabrina makes handmade jewelry, is in charge of all creative processes behind Shemonster and as an educated makeup artist she is styling all the shoots and sometimes something else. She is a vintage Lover since early youth, a free spirit, a passionate dog mum and considers the fast fashion industry as a pain in the ass. I asked her some questions about life, grief, her company and the beauty of being in a human body.


Sabrina, what does music mean to you?

Music is the entrance to my personal hyper realities. Great music is enhancing my feelings; it lets me fly and makes me feel in a way, that everything seems possible.


When did you feel grown up for the first time?

That grown-up thing is something I can turn on and off, because there is nothing that can be imitated easier. Usually being grown up is defined by society standards such as maturity, strength, ambition, renunciation, responsibility, control, discipline, something that children can have, too. But when did I feel being an adult for the first time? When I was a child, several times a day and actually never.


What do you like at the current state of the world?

It’s a time of upheaval and more and more people are questioning things.That everything feels more democratic and I don`t mean that in political terms. I recognize more possibilities than in past generations and hope that people dare to see the signs and learn to discover and experience themselves.  And I think this is going to be wacky and good!


What makes you sad about the current state of the world?

That people still believe in everything they have been told, which leads to the fact that they start feeling based upon that knowledge…


You are running your business very successfully for quite some time now, how do you handle ups and downs?

 Indeed I let them pass and get creative in the shortest amount of time.

Sabrina`s office in the back of their shop where they recently moved to.

Not always that empty in the back of the store, Shemonster is a frequently visited place with a great mix of a lot of differnet poeple.


You became a vegetarian after many years of eating meat, what made you change your mind?

That is pretty easy! I made chicken for lunch and during the first bite I was still fighting my reluctance, the second bite it hit me and I perceived the first time that this chicken was a living being and not a product to eat. Approximately during the same time there was video on Facebook posted by Thomas D (member of Die fantastischen Vier) who is an activist for years. It shows the 360 ° angle of a pig in the slaughterhouse. I can not cope with that until today, but still I am totally thankful for that kind of reconnaissance. Well, and that was day I stopped eating meat!


Favorite song in the moment?

Wild Nothing – The Blue Dress 


How do you choose and pick the items for your store?

The most important criteria for me is the state of the item. Even though all the clothes go through my hands, they are washed and examined for the smallest defects and if necessary they get repaired. Another importance is, that they are corresponding to the current trends, even though you might think that this isn`t the case for vintage items. But it totally depends on the audience! My clients are very young and they like everything that is 80s, 90s and leger looking. True Hippie girls with maxi dresses from the 70s are rare, but I have colleagues in my business with that target group and there is a great exchange happening.

Facebook is restricting the freedom of speech as well as the reach drastically, did you notice that and how does it affect you?

I personally don`t have a Facebook or Instagram account but of course our business Shemonster Vintage does. And yes, the reach has been restricticted for quite a while now. But luckily I still can think, feel and speak apart from the internet. People`s opinions and current happenings haven`t been heard or shown a long time even before the internet existet (or even have been censored). And in many countries this is still the case. They are cultures, where people are cut off the internet almost completely and for these many people a manipulated Facebook Feed would be already great! But of course that needs a critically eye.


What was the best advice that has been given to you and by whom?

Two days before my mother died unexpectedly we spoke on the phone and she said:

                               You really need to do nothing, my love- except of following your heart.

What do you think about the way the Germans are coping with grief generally?

Grief is a feeling that most people just want to get rid off as quickly as possible. Grief in Germany comes with a feeling of failure- often times it is not welcomed, because Germany is based on values such as efficiency and capacity, there is simply no time for it. I think this is rooted in the times of war when everything was set back to point zero and surviving was the only thing that mattered. But I think that younger generations are expressing that more naturally and that it will be released, as many other taboos, in the future. When you look at our education today it is much more based on how you feel than it was back than with our parents or grandparents.


What does Love mean for you?

I don`t want to be without it. I can not be without it. Everything IS love and if not, it will become eventually.


In which decade could you imagine to have lived?

Without any question around 1968! Because a small part of humans did understand then how beautiful it can be to be inside this human body.


 How do you feel about getting older being a woman?

Right now that is a question I`d like to answer in 10 or more years from now. But what I know is that the girl inside of me vanishing and the woman inside me gets more visible. But I don`t mean that as I-am-an-adult-now-thing.


 What would be the biggest compliment someone could make you?

Your friendship, heart!


(right back to you <3!)

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