When I dicovered Tilde Grynnerup while scrolling through my Instafeed it felt like coming home within a second. I was totally drawn into her aesthetics and beautiful work of the Copenhagen based artist, it felt strangely familiar. I do struggle sometimes with the challenges social media brings but this part of it, discovering and connecting to like minded people, it is definitely something beautiful. We started a friendship via email and I can`t wait for the day our paths will cross in real life.



Having spent a decade writing songs and another decade working with fashion, it makes sense to create works of art, combining textile, words and fashion with the inherited craftsmanship skills from my carpenter father.

I choose whichever media expresses my vision the best. Sometimes its wood, sometimes its textile, or even concret. I like to explore.


I talked with Tilde about meditaion, extraterrestrial life and if humans are made for monogamy.


Tilde, how did you start with your wood sculptures?

It was a rainy summer, and there was nothing to do. My dads summerhouse had a shelter outside for firewood and wood remnants, he being a retired carpenter had all the nails and tools in the world, so I just sat  down and started building. It was spontaneous and it felt like I had done it all my life.


Do you watch the news?

I dont watch the news. It makes me annoyed, sad and angry. But I do listen to the news, sometimes when I work. I prefer news In a more in-depth debate form. So I feel more enlightened then sad after.


Your honest thoughts about social media?

I love social media. It connects people, and thats a beautiful thing, connecting and sharing. But I also hate social media. It can disconnect you from yourself, it lies and takes your precious time. So its a constant balance. Because it is still new, I think we are in the midst of learning how to use it wisely. I think we have to be especially aware of what it does to our kids. The future generations has to know a feel of self , the inner core, without social media. Maby im old fashioned, but I believe its best. We can have wise communication with each other on line, and wise communication with ourselves (and others) offline.



Do you compare yourself through social media with other artists or people in general?

I think we all compare ourselves with each other. Its a way of understanding who we are and our place in the world. I dont compare myself with other artists on social media, but I do find likeminded kindred spirits in female artists throughout time.



What do you miss the most these days in your daily life?

Money haha. When I decided not to compromise on what I want out of life: Time with my family, my son and the freedom to work with what I love, money seems to be the only thing missing. And maby speeding down time a little. Everything is going very fast. I miss having time for nothing. 



With which parts of getting older can you deal easily and with which not?

So far I dont mind the decay. I find it kind of exotic, bringing authority and experience to the table. I have never been more brave and less self doubting. Its a relief. I like getting older, im curios about it. The hard part is not having the same energy as when young. And the realisation of death coming closer. The death of your parents , friends, yourself. The end of life. I fucking hate it. Its so sad and life is so beautiful. Trying to work around it through my art.



What did you want to become as a child?

Everything from a lawyer to a singer. My mother always told me “ you think too much”, because I was analyzing everything. And I did trip over myself often, but I wrote tender songs and I guess it has finally come in handy doing what I do now, all the thinking. It makes sense because its the roots of my projects.



Do you do more shopping in normal shops or online?

I dont shop that much.

private messages in public places

private messages in public places


What do you think happens after we die?

Honestly, I dont know If I care. Im real focused on whats happening right now, being alive. But I hope all sorts of wonderful beautiful things happen after we die. I hope we meet all the people we loved again. Actually I think thats what happens! Looking forward to meeting them again.



Where else could you imagine to live?


Do you think humanity will destroy the planet and survive somehow or do you think it will destroy itself?

I dont know. Its beyond.


How do you want to be buried?

However is best for the people I leave behind.

One dish you could eat seven days in a row and still like it?


Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

No, I actually dont. Its not that im not open to it. I just dont feel it.




Do you believe in the human kind is made for monogamy?

I dont know about monogamy. Everyone will be tempted and curious at times, but fundamentally I think we need a place to belong, to know who we are, where we come from, feel security etc. Monogamy creates a natural order of things. Its practical. I think life would be very complicated without.


Describe your favorite outfit right now?

Something warm. Copenhagen is freezing these days.

Does meditation play a role in your life?

Yes. Meditation is magic for body and soul. It should be obligatory in life, schools, workplaces. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone meditated half an our a day.

Last book you read?

Gabriele Schor. Feminist Avant-garde. Art of the 1970s, the sampling verbena collection, vienna.


Best advice you got in your life and from whom?

I dont remember any specific advise, but im sure I got it from my mother or father along the way. They have been divorced all my life, its been intense, but they are both wise and smart and funny.


Best advice you would give to yourself?

 I give myself advice all the time. I often tell myself to take it easy, we’ll be gone soon anyways, so just enjoy, slow down at take it easy. That always seem to be good advice, and I do what I tell myself for approx. 5 minuts, then im back to panicking. I also very often advise myself to start focusing on making some money .. but I always forget it right after. It just wont stick.

The best advise I would give myself is to be patient. Because things take time.


Thank you so much, Tilde!

You can find Tilde`s website here and her Instagram here